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“Strange but true, at Leeds Castle in Kent there is a museum of dog collars. At Keswick in Cumbria there is a museum of pencils. Merseyside sports a vintage lawnmower museum.”

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UK Breaks

"I've been on several Omega holidays and loved each one, Northern lights, Downton Abbey, theatre break, Grand National, Classical Spectacular, Buckingham Palace, New Years. Can't fault them. Great value for money!! Two booked for this year and looking forward to both!"

Karla White, via Facebook

If people collect it, there’ll be a museum for it somewhere, and sometimes more than one.

Many collections are scattered in various places and rarely appear together except in once-in-a-blue-moon exhibitions that are most probably miles away from where you live.

You don’t need to miss out on these rare events if you book through Omega. We’ve picked the events we think you’ll most like, and we take care of the transport, the tickets and admission times, and on longer breaks the hotel too. We also cover popular once-a-year shows which often feature live action as well as collections of exhibits you won’t see anywhere else.

So roll up, and on with the show!

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